From the patio we can see the remains of the ancient Caldera de Tejeda, which was created approximately fourteen million years ago. This is the centre and source of the island of Gran Canaria. We are faced with the rocks and cliffs which are most emblematic of this island. There were produced as a result of the cooling of the volcanic lava and then erosion from severe storms over many thousands of years, Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga are examples of volcanic plugs, ridges such as Cuevas del Rey etc. are examples of volcanic dykes.   The famous Spanish writer, Miguel de Unamuno, described this impressive landscape as "a petrified storm".

From " Debajo del Risco " (the name of this place) we can see different layers of volcanic lava and within them,  natural caves, the original Canaries already benefited from its dry and sunny South orientation. This was the perfect location to excavate to make their homes, and ceremonial caves.   The seven caves that today form the Ethnographic Museum of Artenara, are significant, given that in front of them there was never a ceremonial cave, as was commonly done in the other communities of cave houses in the Artenara area.

In this outdoor patio you will be impressed by the sculptures made from roots and branches of trees and other plants, fruit of the imagination of the Artenara artist Ishmael Diaz Gonzalez.

Enjoy the majestic landscape of the great Tejeda barranco and think of the peace and stillness of times gone by.   Here you can forget about time.